Well Water Pumps


Water pump selection and installation requires technical skill and expertise from system design & product selection through to the installation itself.

Our team has the experienced, certified installers needed to ensure that the type of pump system chosen is best suited for your specific application. Our quality installation will have your pump running efficiently and effectively in no time! 

We carry a wide range of pump sizes and types including:

  • Submersible Pumps
  • Jet Water Well Pumps- Shallow & Deep Well
  • Centrifugal Pumps
  • On-Demand Pumps
  • Booster Pumps
  • Turbine Pumps

*It is important to note that installing a pump in a well is a restricted activity in B.C. and so in most cases should only be performed by a registered well pump installer.

BC Aquifer is proud to be an authorized dealer for:
Goulds, Berkeley, Franklin and Grundfos

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Well Flow/Yield Testing

When purchasing a home it is crucial that you know the yield of the well you will be using. Ensuring that you will have an adequate water supply to meet your family’s needs along with with an inspection to ensure the water system is providing clean, clear and safe water will offer you the piece of mind to move ahead with your purchase. We can help! 

System Inspections

If you are looking to purchase a new home or would like to revisit or upgrade your current water system the first step is to get a thorough analysis of the equipment itself. Our water experts can evaluate the state of the system with a visual inspection of the pressure tank, switch and water treatment systems  along with pump motor readings and amperage draw. We can help to uncover any shortcomings that may be present and offer cost-effective solutions that will work for you and your budget. 

Maintenance and Upgrades

Annual maintenance on your pump system will help to protect your investment and avoid more costly issues over time. Our team can assess the condition of your existing equipment, make repairs if needed and/or make recommendations for future upgrades depending on the age & condition of your system. We have a range of parts on hand so don't hesitate to get in touch to inquire about availability of a part you might need. 

Symptoms indicating your well system may require servicing:

- fluctuations in water pressure throughout your home or business
- water quality has changed or the appearance of sand or grit
- change in the way the system sounds while running
- higher than normal electric bills
- pressure switch and pump continuously cycles on & off

24/7 Emergency Service is Available. We're here for you! 

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Cistern Pumps

Whether you have an existing above or below ground cistern or we will be installing a cistern for you, our team is experienced in the design of pump and water treatment systems of all sizes to meet your home or business needs.

Visit our Rainwater Harvesting page HERE to find out more about cistern installations and options. 

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From the first meeting to discuss the job, the quote, the timing and execution of the work, the communication and clean-up afterwards, Shane and his team did not miss a beat. I had heard that BC Aquifer was very good, and they surpassed my expectations.

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