Water Testing & Treatment

Water Testing

Is your water safe?

Not all well water problems are dangerous but some can still end up being problematic and potentially costly. Determining what you are dealing with is the first step to addressing and then avoiding any potential issues. 

We are here to help! We can assist by arranging for water testing and following that up with some recommendations based on the findings. 

First & foremost we must make sure the water is safe for you, your family and pets to drink.

There are a variety of symptoms that may indicate you have a water quality problem:

  • your water has a poor taste and/or smell.
  • your water is cloudy, murky and or is silty. 
  • you notice staining on your water fixtures and bathtub. 
  • staining can be seen on clothing/laundry.

Water Testing for Realtors, Home Buyers & Sellers

When a property reliant on a well is bought or sold it’s extremely important that the state of the well is determined. Not only do you need to know that the water is clean and safe for your family but that the equipment is in good working order. Many mortgage applications will require the collection of this information. 

We are able to provide:
  • Comprehensive well water testing and overall well inspection
  • A flow test to gauge if the amount of water available will meet your needs

Water Treatment

Whether you get your water from a private or community well, from a cistern, a rainwater harvesting system or from a city source you may wish to consider a water treatment system. Our team can help to assess the specific problem and make recommendations to improve your water quality.

Types of Water Treatment Available: 

  • Reverse Osmosis
  • UV Disinfection
  • Water Softeners
  • Filtration- Whole House & Point of Use Filtration

Types of Filters and System Valves: 

  • Carbon Filters
  • Catalytic Carbon Filters
  • Ion Filters
  • Turbidity/Sediment Filters
  • Tannin Removal Filters
  • Odor Removal Filters
  • Iron & Maganese Filters
  • Clack Valves
  • Fleck Control Valves

Here at BC Aquifer we proudly carry water treatment supplies & equipment from quality brands such as: 

Viqua, UVMax, Sterilight, UVD, Ecomix, Pentair, Hydronix, Harmsco, Fleck, Clack, Ultra plus, Stenner, Omnipure, Suez, Wow Structural

Best Practices For Keeping Your Water Safe

  • Have your well water tested on an annual basis and anytime you notice a change in the quality. 
  • Set up a water test reminder with us. We’ll give you a ring when it’s time to get that test done! 
  • Be aware of any possible well contaminants in your area and keep the area around your well clear. 

Don't let poor water quality negatively impact your health or your investments. We’re here to assist.

Please give us a call anytime!

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Nanaimo has a pristine water source, however, the water is not pure when it reaches your home through the transmission system. Our water is now impurity and chlorine free and tastes great. We are very happy with our new system.

Denis B.