BC Aquifer Projects

With over 40 years of experience as a Vancouver Island water treatment company, we have a lot of projects we could tell you about.

These are just a few of our favourites:

rainwater collection system

Rainwater Collection

Complete Rainwater Harvesting System

Installation of a Complete Rainwater Harvesting System including Pumping System & Whole House UV Disinfection Unit including Pre-Filtration.

Whole House Filtration System

This is a whole house typical system. Water is treated for iron, manganese, door and hard water as well as bacteria with the Viqua UV System. 

Water Softening & UV Disinfection System

This project includes a whole house pressure system as well as water treatment consisting of a UV sterilization, iron/manganese, odor and a POU (point-of-use) reverse osmosis system. 

water treatment system

Water Treatment

2000 gallon cistern Treatment

In this job the existing water equipment was moved from one location and reinstalled in provided pump house which sits over a 2000 gallon concrete cistern.

Water is treated for Iron, Manganese, Arsenic, Boron along with UV treatment.

Water production: 1100 Gallons/day

Water Treatment system

Water Treatment

Reverse Osmosis, Iron & Maganese Filtration, UV Sterlization Treatment

Cedar Organics LTD

Ultraviolet water treatment

Shown is the Ultraviolet water treatment installation in the field irrigation pump house of this agricultural producer.

pump control system

Pump Control System

Pump control & water treatment

Multiple pump control system with water treatment installed in a Tim Hortons location.

Pitless Monitor Install

Pitless Monitor

CVRD: Creekside Development Well

CVRD (Youbout Creekside Development Well) Installation of Pitless Monitor with associated piping and valve station.

Fire pump system

Mudge Island

Fire pump installation

Fire pump installation on Mudge Island (one of the Gulf Islands). Our team member took to boat to get there and get the job done.

Some of Our Past Projects Include:

BC Aquifer Residential Projects

  • Rainwater Collection
  • Whole House Filtration System
  • Water Softening & UV Disinfection System
  • Dunsmuir Apartments LTD.
  • Pemberton Holmes Property Managers
  • Rowen Property Management
  • Tall Timbers Mobile Homes
  • Water Treatment
  • Water Treatment

BC Aquifer Agricultural Projects

  • Coombs Country Farm
  • Roemer Farms Ltd.
  • Cedar Organics Ltd.
  • Sunnyvale Farms Ltd.
  • Black Bar Farms
  • Russell Farm Market & Garden Centre
  • Cedar Organics LTD

BC Aquifer Industrial & Commercial Projects

  • Pump Control System
  • Pitless Monitor
  • Milner Recycling
  • Cassidy Country Kitchen
  • Art of Brewing Ltd.
  • Craig Street Brew Pub
  • GroundEffects Development Inc.
  • Laketown Ranch Music & Recreation Park
  • Beaver Lake Resort
  • George Pringle Memorial Camp
  • Cowichan River Bible Camp
  • Danley Construction
  • Owen Gardiner Construction
  • Promac Industries
  • Island West Coast Developments Ltd.
  • Western Forest Products Inc.
  • Forest Lakewood LLC
  • Cowichan Tribes
  • CVRD: Cherry Point
  • CVRD: North Oyster Fire Hall
  • Chemainus Marine Services
  • K-2 Cowichan Park Services
  • Lake Cowichan Educational Centre
  • Ardmore Golf Course
  • South Cowichan Lawn Tennis Club
  • Arbutus Ridge Golf Course/McElhaney Consulting Services
  • Mudge Island