BC Aquifer Agricultural Projects

We understand that keeping your crops and your livestock healthy is key to the success of your operation. Ensuring your well pump & irrigation systems are correctly installed and appropriate for your requirements is where we come in.

Clean, bacteria-free water will result in healthy strong animals and a properly functioning irrigation system results in lush, bountiful crops. Pressure systems that will deliver water to where it is needed is critical and our team is here to tailor those systems to suit your individual needs.

Services we provide include:

  • Well pump installations, inspections, maintenance & upgrades
  • Cistern installations
  • Water treatment: testing, water treatment solutions, filtration system installations
  • Sustainable water system design: rainwater harvesting, storage and filtration
  • Large Irrigation Sales

Cedar Organics LTD

Ultraviolet water treatment

Shown is the Ultraviolet water treatment installation in the field irrigation pump house of this agricultural producer.

Our Past Projects include:

  • Coombs Country Farm

  • Roemer Farms Ltd.

  • Cedar Organics Ltd.

  • Sunnyvale Farms Ltd.

  • Black Bar Farms

  • Russell Farm Market & Garden Centre

  • Cedar Organics LTD

At BC Aquifer, we've been lucky to work on numerous large-scale agricultural projects. These have involved a lot of critical thinking and design to find innovative solutions that protect crops, investments, and livestock. Learn more about agricultural water solutions by taking a look at some of our past projects.

We look forward to collaborating with you on your next project!

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