BC Aquifer Team

The Team

We couldn’t do this without our team! Each and every member plays an important role. We respect and care deeply for our employees and strive to ensure they know they are valued and appreciated. Our greatest desire is to provide a healthy work environment where everyone can continue to learn and grow while creating and experiencing the life they desire. Happy employees who enjoy being a part of the team is a priority for us!

Our three youngest daughters have also been involved with the growth of BC Aquifer. Whether helping to clean, doing some filing or sorting receipts we’ve appreciated the time spent together! Amidst the pandemic in 2020 our daughter Danaca joined us full time as her plans to travel came to an end and we are grateful for her support. Our children have always been present to see and recognise the hard work, effort and commitment it takes to be successful… and we see these qualities in them now!

Thank you to all of our hard working staff for the work ethic, the professionalism and the positive attitude that they bring to the table every day!

Meet the Crew