I was born and raised in north eastern Alberta on a grain and cattle farm where I was involved with all of the day to day farm activities. From running heavy equipment, fence fixing & cattle round up to gardening, harvesting and everything in between. From a very young age I learned important lessons about the value of perseverance and hard work. To this day I still approached life’s challenges with those lessons in mind. 

At the age of 19 I decided it would be important to get an education which would give me another option to fall back on. It was at this time I got my Red Seal Certification as a steamfitter/ pipefitter/ gasfitter and began to work in the oil & gas sector. This is where I found my calling and I thrived in this environment where hard work and a drive to succeed is valued and rewarded. Within a few years I was proud to manage large multi million dollar projects and all before the age of 30.  

When I turned 30 years old I was looking for change and it was around this time that my wife and I found ourselves becoming interested in bottled water. It seemed there could be some good opportunities in this industry and so we bought into a franchise whose focus was bottled water, water treatment and well pumps. St. Albert, Alberta was the location we decided upon so we could be close to our oldest daughter. After 4 years in business at this location we decided to sell to a larger company and I returned to the oil & gas industry. This work took me away from my family as operations were located in Northern Alberta. This opened up a realisation that the family could take up residence anywhere we might want to live. 

It was decided we’d move away from hectic city life and we started a new chapter in Westholme, BC. After 5 years of working away from home managing large contracts in the oil & gas industry it was time for me to return home to be with family before the kids were all grown up. 

Shortly after retiring from the oil and gas sector I began hunting for a business to buy or start up on Vancouver island. I had been looking for some time previous to my retirement but nothing really jumped out at me. After spending some time researching a number of businesses, including those that were not currently for sale, I came across BC Aquifer and my interest was piqued. While I didn’t approach ownership at that time I’d been very drawn to this particular business. Coincidentally, a couple of weeks later my broker called and alerted me to the fact that BC Aquifer was now listed for sale.

I purchased BC Aquifer in April 2017 and began this new chapter in our lives.

Photo of Shane