I was born in Edmonton and raised in Stony Plain, Alberta. 

I have been employed since I was 12 years old doing what I had to in order to support myself which didn’t leave me a lot of time for play.  But I have been making up for it over the past 10 years!

I have always been driven and interested in business. I attempted to purchase the gas station I worked at from the owners when I was 18 years old. I had people that were willing to support me to acquire it however unfortunately the owners would not entertain me so I guess it wasn’t meant to be.
After high school I attended Grant McEwan Community College prior to moving to Bonnyville, Alberta to start the next chapter of my life with Shane and his daughter Alexis in 1997.

My education lead me working at the local credit union, then onto an Elementary School in Cold Lake, AB, a job I loved.We lived on an acreage together in Bonnyville area enjoying our horses and the local lakes.
Life took us back to central Alberta where we purchased and started a water treatment and bottled water company in St. Albert, Alberta.   We built a playroom next to the office so Shane and I worked together with our little ones around us. Our clients loved coming in and seeing our babies. During that time our family grew to 4 beautiful daughters and upon our youngest daughter joining us we felt it was time to sell this business and change our focus onto property management and ownership. 
Shortly thereafter we found ourselves looking at property on Vancouver Island to call home, as we love the outdoors and looked forward to living country side again raising our girls.  Shane and I both grew up outside of town so it was important for us to share those interests and passions with them and give them the opportunity to learn the work ethic that comes along with farming even if it was on a smaller scale.   

Horses have been part of my DNA from the moment I was born (just not part of my parents DNA) so I was ecstatic when I could get back to that part of my life and share it with our children. The Cowichan Valley has been an amazing place to call home and raise our family.
I now divide my time between our family, my practice Emerald Healing Place, BC Aquifer Services and a few other things I have my hand in…lol. Navigating the last ten years of my life has led me to honoring my gifts and talents by supporting others globally within my practice,  I am deeply honored and love my time with my clients. 
My happiest place is in the trees hiking with my family, floating on the lake with them or in the saddle exploring this amazing place we get to call home.

Photo of Heather