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Well Testing & Water System Inspections throughout Vancouver Island

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Some customers may not have any idea of their well’s yield. For consumers intending to purchase a home with a well, a test may provide reassurance that there is adequate water for their needs. As water systems play a vital role regarding the health and safety of your family, it’s important to have your Vancouver Island water system inspected regularly to ensure the water is clean, clear and safe for consumption.

Just recently, we performed a short test for a farmer who had a new well drilled. Because of the nature of the well construction and screening and low water table, the drilling company anticipated a well yield of 10gpm. When we finished the testing, the client had a well that was rated at 100gpm. It was money well spent on a pumping test.

Check Out Your Current System

As a new owner, you may need a thorough analysis of your water system. Let the experts at BC Aquifer check the state of your system and uncover any shortcomings. We offer a visual inspection of the pressure tank, switch and any water treatment that may be present. We take pump motor winding readings and amperage draw. Our courteous professionals can offer cost-effective solutions.

What is the Ground Water Protection Regulation?

On November 1, 2005, a new regulation that affects all private well owners in BC came into force to improve the safety and quality of British Columbia’s ground water resources. The Ground Water Protection Regulation establishes standards to protect groundwater supplies by requiring all water wells in British Columbia to be properly constructed, maintained and, at the end of their service, properly deactivated and ultimately closed.

Why Is It Important?

By following the regulation, well owners can protect their own water supply and that of their neighbours, and help to keep ground water resources healthy and clean for future generations.

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